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Reforms to apprenticeship systems have generated an excess supply of apprentice seekers compared to employer demand. Many SMEs feel they cannot afford the staff hours to get involved in apprenticeship programs.

  • Apprenticeship Alliances.eu seeks to address this situation by building the capacity of intermediary bodies to develop and operate support structures which will facilitate SMEs, especially small and micro enterprise, to become apprentice employers.
  • We will set up regional alliances, a toolkit, a training course and one-stop-shops to reach our goals.

The Project

Today when SMEs face problems related to start up, innovation & growth, they find help in an ever-evolving, well financed and proactive ecosystem of intermediary organisations: chambers of commerce, enterprise support offices in local authorities, regional economic development agencies, etc.

Our Impact

Thanks to the unique structure, our Apprenticeship Alliances will generate a tangible impact on the ability of 80+ intermediary organizations to liaise with key actors and to provide information, guidance, training and accompaniment to SMEs, who as a result, will be more likely to become apprentice employers.