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RAISE will be delivered by partners from 7 countries in which dual system apprenticeships are new or subject to recent reform. By including Chambers of Commerce, a local authority, SME support and VET providers, and SMEs themselves, we are highly representative of our target group.

Polnocna Izba Gospodarcza (PIG) represents over 1,500 companies and is the largest chamber of commerce in Poland and an experienced Erasmus+ manager.

Barcelona CC is the leading chamber in NE Spain and is president of the Catalan Council of Chambers of Commerce.

Business Development Friesland specialises in business VET and holds the vice-presidency of the 250+ strong EBN network.

CCI Nantes Saint Nazaire is a leading Chamber in West France and seeks a practical solution to providing apprenticeship training to time-poor SME managers.

LISBURN AND CASTLEREAGH CITY COUNCIL, a local authority in the metropolitan area around Belfast, will use RAISE to complement their proactive Invest in Jobs initiative to combat youth unemployment.

Canice Consulting has a long track record in SME development and a specialization in online and blended learning.

LETTERKENNY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is a leading HEI and operates a Skillnet of 60 tech SMEs. Their academic rigor is well suited to evaluation.

Momentum Marketing Services Ltd is an accredited training centre with a speciality in progressive learning, and so will develop pedagogic content.

EfVET is a leading European association for VET providers with 200+ members and reach to 1500 VET Institutions. Staff possess the vision and skills for effective outward communication.