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Thanks to the unique structure, our Apprenticeship Alliances will generate a tangible impact on the ability of 80+ intermediary organizations to liaise with key actors and to provide information, guidance, training and accompaniment to SMEs, who as a result, will be more likely to become apprentice employers.

Firstly, by participating in the Regional Apprenticeship Alliances and jointly developing and executing the Regional Action Plans, intermediary organisations will:

  • learn more about the role their organisation plays in the apprenticeship ecosystem
  • have knowledge and tools to better promote SME demand for apprenticeships in the region and offer specific training and guidance to them
  • gain information on potential sectors where apprenticeships can be developed in their particular region (part of regional alliance workplan)
  • build the personal networks and face to face contacts required to work with VET providers to develop new opportunities for SMEs in their region
  • have a larger voice in helping shape apprenticeship policy – they represent SMEs more and bring that new information to the policy table higher up the government chain.

In terms of the direct impact on SMEs:

More than 370 SMEs will play an active role in the project and gain a greater knowledge of the structure of contemporary apprenticeship programmes and will understand “the business case” for becoming an employer of apprentice(s).